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ghoul-girl-feedist asked:
Imagine, if you will, that since Dean is such a massive pain in the ass to the Leviathan, Dick Roman has him abducted and fattened up in a facility to eat him. (But naturally he's saved last minute.)


I’m so upset that this isn’t canon tbh 


Rainyhart’s Chubby!Dean Master-Post


 A spontaneous plethora of chubby!dean information compiled with all the info I know regarding the subject

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Surprise! - Dean gets a rather interesting surprise for his birthday

Sugar - Castiel shares a sweet dilemma with Dean

Never too much Pie - Dean goes a little overboard on some pie while dining with Castiel

Vents of Consequence - Dean gets stuck in a rather embarrassing predicament on a hunt with Sam – literally

Pudgy Playmate (AU) – Young Dean struggles to bring a tasty treat over to best friend Castiel’s house for their play-date

Weighty Misunderstandings - Dean takes a suggestive comment about his eating habits from Sam the wrong way and far too close to heart than originally intended – confessions ensue

You and Me plus Pie makes Three – Castiel shows Dean just how much he loves him and his love for pie

Candy Hoarder - Dean doesn’t want to share Halloween candy, Castiel’s sexually frustrated, and Sam kind of hates them both

Love me some Turducken – Dean becomes increasingly hungrier after the turducken incident—Sam’s not objecting to the changes

Pudding of Regret - Dean thinks he should cut back on the caramel pudding, Castiel thinks otherwise

Cover me - Dean doesn’t like his body to be seen when he’s having sex with Castiel

Pie is Pie – Castiel accidentally burns a pie made specifically for Dean but he eats it anyway

Fair Fun - Dean goes for the food, Castiel goes for the games – it works out


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stevita, this is for you


you underestimate the pain of a papercut dean

but it was ouchy. IM CRYING

For stevita, who has just started watching Supernatural:

Dean eating way too much Halloween candy

Dean drinking water in a strangely arousing way

That time Dean tried to eat a ham

… basically all of my Dean Winchester tag has gifs of him eating >.>




"Y’know, one day I’d love to just sit down and eat something that I didn’t have to microwave in a mini-mart." -Dean in s2ep5 guyssssssss this show is doing things to me

I see you have discovered the feedist Easter eggs the SPN writers leave in almost every episode. :P


There’s also a time when he tries to eat an entire ham but I think it’s buried in season 7 or 8?