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i’m pretty sure this twitter account is how sexting works in night vale

i mean really





what is going on here

Night Vale sexts!


I’m calling it here.

I’m the new posterchild for gross grimey stylish LA queers who still dress like it’s a 1986 Motley Crue show at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go and who will lick bbq sauce off the inside of girl’s thighs in a crowded club.

I mean, does licking bbq off the inside of a girl’s thighs every REALLY go out of style, momdiggity?


Just saw a fanfic prompt that was like “imagine your otp having sex during a thunderstorm and there’s a thunderclap with each thrust” and I just… really feel like… either they are thrusting remarkably slowly, or they should probably have evacuated the area hours ago because wow that sounds like a pretty violent storm o_o

thebrownnotebook asked:
Do you ever find it weird that people come and ask you if there is room for them in kinkland? Like you are some kind of St. Peter / person with a clipboard saying who can come in and who can't. Is that weird for you? Or is it normal?


Well, I don’t like to think of myself as actually making a decision, so much as giving information.  If people want reassurance that they’re not the only person on Earth with a particular fetish (protip: you never are), I’m glad to provide that.