annegotfat said: Are you having to explain this to someone?

To a small but annoying portion of the Internet, yes.

boscowasmygrandad said: “Aww man, times are tight.. best reach in and turn off the ol’ feedism switch, cause that’s how that works”

Bahahahaha, YES!

I just really hate the “fetishes are the result of Western decadence!” argument.

Yes, poor people can have fetishes

Even fetishes that revolve around eating lots of food.

I know of feedees who have been on food stamps.

When I was on food stamps, my fetish didn’t go away. Not even a little bit.

If we can’t afford food to stuff with, we use our hands and our imaginations like everyone else, okay???


What up?

So, I’ve noticed some of my fellow male fat admirers throwing tantrums when women object to be sexualized without consent. These dudes whine about how the women are telling them aren’t allowed to find fat bodies attractive.

Cut that shit out. Like now.

No one is out to confiscate your boners. Sexual attraction to fat bodies is totally awesome. There may be people out there who want to shame you for your sexuality, but its not these women. So, by all means, holster your outrage and listen up.

The issue these women are complaining about isn’t sexual attraction. They are asking to be treated with respect and dignity. Try not to be shocked at this stunning request. You still get that be sexually attracted to fat women. Just, maybe respect them.

And actually, strike that maybe.

"Deep_End is into watching others wear entrails."

Deep End likes to fuck with people via his Fetlife fetishes.