Roommate made a big dinner; snapped a quick update picture at the dinner table afterwards *BURP*

Very nice! :D


Roommate made a big dinner; snapped a quick update picture at the dinner table afterwards *BURP*

Very nice! :D

ozymandias314-deactivated201404 asked: PRIMES

Are we still answering this? Let’s answer this!

2: Tummy play! What’s your favorite thing to do with a tummy?

Cuddle up to it and listen to all the secret digestive noises. (Shh, it’s romantic!)

3: Do you enjoy belly rubs? (Giving or receiving?)


5: Instant gaining?

Meh. Every other feederism story on Dimensions had instant gaining (along with secretly feeding someone) and that basically turned me off it forever.

7: Boy bellies or girl bellies?

Boy tummies. :3

11: Rapid gaining?

Is this different than instant gaining?

13: How would you celebrate gaining 10 pounds?

I wouldn’t, because then none of my butch vests would fit! D:

Put a number in my ask box! Weight gain Asks~!
1:How much weight do you generally like a character to gain?
2:Tummy play! What's your favorite thing to do with a tummy?
3:Do you enjoy belly rubs? (Giving or receiving?)
4:Do you enjoy being a feedee or a feeder?
5:Instant gaining?
6:How do you feel about immobility?
7:Boy bellies or girl bellies?
8:Do you like food addiction?
9:Conscious or unconscious gaining?
10:Do you like the idea of secret fattening?
11:Rapid gaining?
12:Tiny stuffed bellies or huge stuffed bellies?
13:How would you celebrate gaining 10 pounds?
14:Do you have a favorite character you like to see fat or stuffed?
15:Force feeding?
That said I still have a short list of things that I’d love to stuff people with

SUSHI. (Do we still think sushi is healthy?) But the joy of being able to order like six plates of tiny delectable things and then feeding them all to him. And all those crunchy/creamy/raw/sticky textures would keep him from getting bored with eating the same thing for like two hours.

Also I hear rice swells in your stomach when you drink water with it. Plus I just fucking love sushi and this would probably be the only scene I’ve ever planned where I didn’t feel like it would be at cross purposes to eat some of the food too.

Fruit. Like, fucking Danish-master-still-life-ready piles of fruit with ripe oranges and cherries and peaches that will drip down your wrist when you suckle on them. And open pomegranates. And feeding it to him until his chest is just a dripping mess and his stomach is sloshing and he never ever wants to even look at a blueberry ever again.

There’s also this old German folktale about a woman who gets addicted to magic fairy fruit and literally won’t eat until she has another taste of it, and boy did I think about that story a lot as a child.

ICE CREAM how is it possible that I’ve never stuffed anyone with ice cream? It’s like in the top three fantasy stuffing foods. And also you can probably order a banana split in a restaurant for yourself and not have people stare too much.

Also if I make him eat enough of it will his tummy get cold? Will he start to shiver and we’ll have to get naked in the back of his car to save him from hypothermia? Must experiment!

Jello. Jello is disgusting and I’d feel bad making someone stuff themselves with it, except one time Deep End told me a story about drinking something like thirty jello shots and how his stomach wobbled when he stood up afterwards. And now some poor feedee is going to have to suffer through eating a gallon of jello just so I can re-create that and see if it really was as awesome as it sounds.

(I also still want to be fucked in a bathtub full of jello, but that is wholly because of this vore comic.)

Seriously ice cream and pizza are fun to think about but I care a lot less about what you’re eating than the fact that you’re willing to stuff yourself with it

YOU’RE the one that’s going to be eating it, so it should be something you like. Especially if you’re going to be eating so much of it you’ll want to cry/not be able to move afterwards.

If your fantasy is to dive face-first into a huge bowl of salad I’m not going to be like “Ew, that’s too HEALTHY for the gluttony fantasy” I am going to buy a shit-ton of salad and veggies and start chopping them up for you.