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I love dominance struggles. He uses his strength and size to dominate me. I use food to make him submissive. He can turn it around by taunting me about my attraction to his fat. It doesn’t matter who ends up on top, both are wonderful.


for some reason intentional weight gain is like, 10 times hotter.


When you feel under his love handles and his gym short band is pulled as tight as it can be. 

Needless to say, those shorts were not kept on for long.


chubby college bucky being an absolute menace once he realizes steve is into it

resting his belly on the counter of the apartment they share when he’s extra full and letting out an exaggerated sigh of relief

making sure steve knows what size he wears and making a big deal about it when he has to go a size or two up

belching and rubbing his belly and exclaiming about how full he is at the end of every meal they have together 

resting his belly on the counter when steve is studying or trying to cook there and smirking when he gets flustered

dropping how much he weighs into casual conversations, or mentioning that he’s put thirty pounds since his football injury

playing with his belly absently while they watch tv, squeezing and kneading and jiggling until steve goes it’s, uh, it’s pretty cold in here, huh and pulls a blanket over his lap, and bucky just smirks and smirks and smirks

alittlepudge-neverhurtnobody you are KILLING ME with these vignettes!


I may have outgrown my waistcoat… For reference, this fit me last year~

growing-sam is super cute :3