I *really* need to update my “Resources” page with all the blogs run by ladies that are into stuffed boys

There are SO MANY of you on Tumblr and then you go on Fantasy Feeder and there’s like none :P

Anonymous asked: Besides fat and feedism, is there anything else you enjoy in life?


You’d think maybe I was a dynamic individual but no really I just am my fetish and nothing more.  

So I just wrote a short story with both feederism and puking and I’m looking for beta readers

Oh… and hi everyone! :D Hope y’all are enjoying your lunch breaks! ;)


sure that guy’s cute now but what if he were stuffed with food



Fetishes are fucking great, but liking, grabbing, jiggling, manhandling, grinding your genitals on, biting or sucking on your partner’s fat is not a fucking fetish. That’s called “fucking your partner,” and it doesn’t become a fetish just because they’re fat and sexualizing a fat person is new or unheard of to you.

but then you get to shit like “tummy fucking” and are like “oh wait…”