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I just want to sit you down, tie your hands behind your back, and feed you until the button bursts off of your pants and your belly falls onto your lap.

if someone could so this for me i’d be very gratefull?!?!

…yesplz >.>


You feel like the most beautiful man in the world.

Her small, adoring hands feel your love handles as if they were made of the smoothest silk. She kisses your full-to-bursting belly so tenderly, sending shivers all over your body. Her rubbing soothes all the aches caused by your overindulgence on her rich, decadent cooking, leaving only pleasure. She loves you. She loves your body. She can’t get enough of you.

To think that there are people whose entire lives revolve around getting “fit”. The more you eat, the more your baby wants you, lusts after you. You’re perfect in her eyes, and all you have to do is indulge to excess in the finest pleasures of life. You’re her work of art.

You groan with pleasure at her caresses. Lifting her big, doe eyes, she gives you a playful smile, tracing small circles with the tip of her fingers on your taunt skin.

“Did my big, beautiful man save some room for dessert?”

You pat your distended gut, proudly.

"When don’t I?"



I want to hand feed him to fatness. I want to rub his big belly if it hurts. I want to make sure he is never hungry and always satisfied in bed. I want him to not lift a finger, because I have a sick desire to make his life as easy as possible. In part because I want him to know how much I care and in part because I don’t want him to burn a single calorie. I want to weigh him and pretend like his rising weight isn’t high enough, that he’ll have to put on a little more to be healthy. I want to see his clothes stretch to their limits as I hand feed him calorie packed foods. I want to watch him savor every bite. I want to see him want to please me by eating more, when the only thing that matters to me is pleasing him. I want to relieve him of his discomfort when his clothes get too tight. I want to memorize every inch of his body, and memorize it again with every inch he adds on. I want him to be mobile and independent, but I want him to want to be dependent on me. I want him to be lazy, to be greedy. But most of all I want him to be fat. Doughy belly, thick legs, soft arms that wrap all the way around me, while my arms are nowhere near wrapping around him. I want a pear shaped piggy with hips that exceed any measuring tape. And I think about this so much. Before I fall asleep, when I pleasure myself, when I feel his soft stomach. Ughhh. 

I want him to be lazy, to be greedy…” Unnnnnffff!


Full guys (◡‿◡✿)
Full guys burping (⊙‿⊙✿)
Full guys burping and rubbing their bellies ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )

Reasons to let me fatten you up.


•More insulation during winter.
•Less likely to break a bone if you fall or whatever.
•Constant delicious food.
•Constant tummy rubs.
•Never have to go to the gym.
•let me reiterate: ALL THE FOOD.
•Soft round tummies are just so fricking cute.