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Guys you gotta see this


Kay but have you ever given thought to feedees commenting about the quality of the food 

Like just fawning over you and begging for more going “Mmh this is DELICIOUS” 

Or, alternatively, gulping down outrageous amounts of something monotonous, like ice cream or mac and cheese, and groaning and griping a bit: “This isn’t even good anymore, it’s just excessive…but I guess that’s just the point though, isn’t it, Mistress?”

IDK man, so many ways this kink could go and you could literally dance a mental tango with your partners, there are  so many possibilities. If only this were more mainstream and talked-about. 



I had a bunch of ideas in my head but I suck at drawing couples….

 This is a really cute idea, I hope I drew it to your liking, anon!!

So cute!

Hnngh dominant feedees :D


I am too full… same stuffing… button zipped 3 times but… cant resist more of 5 minutes without pop.

I’ve been thinking SO MUCH about feedee boys, you guys




Veteran feedee boys and new feedees going to dinner together, giving each other tips about how to eat more and tummy rubs after

Feedee boys that are so excited about the stuffed sex they’re going to have and then drink too much and fall asleep on you

Stuffed-drunk feedee boys who just want to lay on your bed and be snuggled and petted and told how pretty they are

Feedee boys waking up after a post-gorge nap and feeling incredibly rested and satisfied

Bratty feedee boys who take revenge on you for ignoring them by eating everything in the house right after you finish grocery shopping

Think it’s time I brought this back.

God I wish I had a feedee boyfriend ;n;