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One of the hottest bellies I’ve seen in a while


I may have outgrown my waistcoat… For reference, this fit me last year~

growing-sam is super cute :3

I feel like stevita might like this also

I feel like stevita might like this also


I freaking love ice cream

I love this dude I hope he gets a million notes and the cute boyfriend of his dreams

"My confidence buoyed by male attention and blessed sexual relief, I encountered a range of guys interested in me. After a few years, however, I noticed a troubling pattern. They always fell into one of two camps: those who liked my fatness more than they liked me, and those who wanted to be my secret boyfriend.

The first group were fetishists.They wanted sex with a fat girl to be like the fat fetish porn they consumed — extreme and in addict-like quantities. No act was depraved enough. Everything had to be done at a level 11, as it were. My fat body was just a way of upping the sexual ante.

The second group, the secret boyfriends? They were nice boys. Usually friends of friends, we’d meet at a party and nerd out over video games or horror movies. The second we were alone, we’d hook up. Afterwards they’d suddenly request I keep our hook-up private.

This could go on for months. Like the old cliche, fat girls are like mopeds. If you don’t know how that one ends, I won’t spoil it for you."