#tummytuesday raiding the icebox


#tummytuesday raiding the icebox


my hot fat trans body modeling one of our new designs, the Diamondback Holster 

my love for this photoset never ends :3


So this little kid at church noticed I’m fat and asked me today “Why do you have a big belly?”

I couldn’t really think of an acceptable answer for that so I simply responded:

“Because I’m full of bees”

I don’t think I’ve seen a more confused and terrified child in my life as I walked away, hearing him whisper “Bees…” to himself.

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Plus size women INVEST in proper shapewear.




Shapewear is sooooo important for plus size women, well women in general. I personally always have on some sort of shapewear regardless if I’m in jeans or a dress. It’s not about “hiding fat” or fat shaming ( I hate when women say that) Shapewear is used to create clean lines. There is nothing more unattractive than seeing a woman in a dress or a nice outfit, and she doesn’t have on shapewear. Lumpy silhouettes is never okay no matter what size you are.

Moral of the story…INVEST IN SHAPEWEAR!


a few people have linked me to this, and i agree with fortysixjay’s succinct gif response.

i’m here to tell you that lumpy silhouettes are not only okay, but awesome. so are non-lumpy silhouettes. and it is okay to wear shapwear and also okay to not wear shapewear. however you look, you look cool, and i have nothing but pure fucking contempt for anyone who tries to make you feel otherwise. you do not need to pay money and wear garments designed to force your body into a particular shape because there is no ‘right’ shape- if you want to wear it, do it because you want to, not because people like this make you think you need to.

don’t let people who don’t respect themselves tell you how to be respectable. please do not let people like this make you a screen to project their toxic bullshit onto.

queerfatfemme uses shapewear and not depending on what look she wants. She calls the no-shapewear look “free fatting”, which I find adorable.


I have wandered into the weirdest argument ever about why men harass fat women. (No I’m not linking to it.)

Friend 1 linked to the Militant Baker’s latest, “To That Guy Who Made A Fat Joke About Me To My Boyfriend”.

Friend 2: Defends Militant Baker’s opinion, then says that men mocking other guys for being with fat women is “proof of latent homosexual tendencies”.

Me: … what?

Friend 2: “Straight guys like tits and ass!”

Me: …

Throughout the day I have checked on this thread and it’s still going on.

Many, many other people have been confused by Friend 2’s opinion. Friend 2 is still confident that only gay men have issues with fat women.

I think this is a variation on the idea that fashion models are thinner now because all fashion designers are gay, and thus only pick models that have a “boyish” look. (Did no one else come from a rural area where this was a commonly repeated truism?)

Some people haven’t been around enough gay people to figure out how being gay even works, is what I’m saying.