This would be an excellent embroidery project.

This would be an excellent embroidery project.

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leswrong asked: o I had this dream that you posted your wedding pictures on Tumblr. You both wore wedding dresses and the wedding was dragon themed and took place on the barren desert island. Then someone gave you dragon eggs as a present, game of thrones style, and the rest of the dream was you and alicorn living the newlywed life while raising dragons. And the end was you guys flying off into the sunset with your dragons. Idk it was pretty cool tbh, so if you ever want a dragon themed wedding...



this is so awesome =)

Dude, you need to get married this way!

Text of the Week: The Colt Has Interesting Tastes

I’ve had increasingly weird dreams lately. I told the Colt so in a text message this morning.

Me: I had zombie attack dreams. :-0

The Colt: ZOMBIES!

Me: Loads of ‘em. And me without my machine gun.

The Colt: I like zombie dragons.

Me: Learn something new every day.

Though, since this is the boy that has also expressed a liking for dragons in lingerie, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised?


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