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Chat of the Week: Cee has an answer for everything

Cee! I moaned over IM one night, I met this new boy and he’s too wonderful for me to talk to, what shall I do?

Cee: Stuff him and fuck him and hang him on the wall.

Cee: Then fuck him again.

Me: Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?

Honestly, for us this is just foreplay…

A Fox in the Woods II, originally uploaded by VisioLuxus.

I honestly couldn’t make up my mind this week as to who sent me the most outrageous message. I mean, when I wouldn’t get back to his txt about taking him to a lingerie shop to try on girly undies, the Colt did this:

The Colt: *bites onto the tip of your tail*

Me: Owowow!

The Colt: *sways around and keeps locked onto the little fluff at the end of your tail* grrr!

I can assure you, I admonished him severly! But just when I thought it was all over:

The Colt: I gun’ eat you tail first!

* * *

But wait! Cee's relationship advice was even better! Stay tuned!

Text of the Week: The Colt Has Interesting Tastes

I’ve had increasingly weird dreams lately. I told the Colt so in a text message this morning.

Me: I had zombie attack dreams. :-0

The Colt: ZOMBIES!

Me: Loads of ‘em. And me without my machine gun.

The Colt: I like zombie dragons.

Me: Learn something new every day.

Though, since this is the boy that has also expressed a liking for dragons in lingerie, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised?


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Chat of the Week: How Americans Have Sex

I don’t know what I wrote anymore, but my UK friend Cee found it pretty offensive.

Cee: Theres a diffrence between being sexy and tasteless, you know

Me: I never quite figured that line out, I suppose. Anyway, feederism is supposed to be messy. Sex is messy. Or maybe I am just a tasteless American chubby chick.

Cee: Yeah, you’d fuck a bald eagle burger on top of the stars and stripes.

Me: Wow.

Cee: With a baseball shoved in your asshole—

Me: um…

Cee: —underneath your gun rack whilst your sister watches. American dream. :)