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Piss Play

"I’m going to pee on Tylo now," I say to Jack, and march our toy-for-the-weekend into the bathroom. We’re both naked, which I think would indicate I was serious, but once I have him inside he just stands there. “Get in the bathtub!” I say, with an unspoken “you moron”. 

He climbs into the hotel bathtub and lies down. I straddle him, one foot in the tub and one outside it, parting my vaginal lips with one hand. And once again I discover what Bitchy Jones said is true: in the excitement of getting to pee on someone, you’re often too excited to relax and let go.

I struggle for a few minutes, only releasing a trickle, and Jack says something disparaging about how girls never can pee on command. He takes his cock out, and there’s a pause.

“You can’t do it either!” I crow.

Jack gives me a wide-eyed look. “I’ve never peed on someone before!” he protests.

Eventually we get both our bladders going, and soak Ty thoroughly. Though he did whine about how it stung when we got some in his eyes