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Safety Coffin

When I was at a kinky party a while back I saw the most remarkable piece of sex furniture: a coffin.

That might not be the right name for it. It wasn’t shaped exactly like a coffin, having a box for the head to go into with its own separate lid, but that’s the closest name I had for it. There was padding inside for an individual to lay on, along with various hooks to secure bondage ropes to. The lid that shut over the body was heavy and had a brass rail to raise it with. There was also a kind of tiny door in the lid, with a latch that could be accessed from the inside.

The moment I saw it I had some very interesting emotions. “You ever see Interview With The Vampire?” I asked my companion. “Remember thay scene where Lestat shoves that girl inside a coffin and then sits on it? He says, ‘You’re very lucky, not many people get to see what it’s like while they’re still alive!’”

Personally, the idea of being trapped inside while that heavy lid came down, shutting out all light, freaked me out while at the same time exciting me. My friend didn’t have any such problems and agreed to let me shut him inside.

A moment later I lifted the lid again and bent down so none of the other doms in the room could hear me whisper. ”I can’t leave you in there for very long! I worry that you can’t breathe or something!”

He laughed, since the coffin was hardly airtight. After making sure he was ok I shut him up again, and sat on the lid for good measure. He said he overall liked the experience,  since he’s into being held in place and sensory deprivation. The thick wood and padding had cut off all sounds from the outside, and he’d found the pitch darkness to be soothing.

I don’t think I’d react as well to being shut inside the coffin. The lid is so heavy it takes both hands to lift, and the act of shutting my friend away “forever” was a powerful visual. I’d struggle and scream inside the coffin if someone shut me inside it—and the opportunity to really struggle and scream against a much larger dom is what excites me about it. I can imagine him lifting me up bodily to dump me inside, and his look of sadistic pleasure as he shuts that heavy lid, leaving me to shriek in the dark and bang on the inside without any chance of rescue.

Actually, forget it—I’d need two doms to lift me inside it, working in concert. I don’t currently know any doms strong enough who could actually shove me in a coffin against my will… or who I’d trust myself with emotionally.  Because as cute and Gothy as it may sound to the reader, I really am terrified of ending up in such a situation, the kind of mess where I’m finally certain I won’t be able to get out of it. Though it makes little sense even to myself, if I did it with someone else, it’d be safe to be afraid.

My friend, on the other hand, had a much more charming idea of what to do with the coffin. “I’d like to put two tiny girls in there together”, he told me, “and not let them out until they’d switched clothes.”