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Feederism Resources Masterpost

This is a list of resources for people looking to learn more about feederism/feedism/fat admiration and related fetishes or kinks. It is a work in progress.

Feederist and Fat Admiration Dating Sites

FF and Dimensions are mainly on here for completeness’ sake. They’ve both been critiqued for having poor moderation policies, outdated site design, and general uselessness. FF also recently made it impossible for members to link to anything off-site.

Virtual Feederism Groups

  • Reality Feeder hosts a Feederism Chat on days ending in Y; watch their Tumblr for when the chat is active.
  • "The Lardy Ladies" is loosely defined group of people who are deeply into chubby boys and Marvel fanfiction. They meet via Neat Chat on a semi-weekly basis; watch this Tumblr for the next one!

Meatspace Feederism Groups

This section is currently empty, as all of the groups I used to link to have been inactive for a year or more. If you can recommend a real-life feedist group (in any state in the US) message me!

Notable Feederism Blogs:

Other Things People Have Written About Feederism:


Violet Blue’s book is, hands down, the best guide to navigating the feederism/fat admiration fetish I have ever seen. It has an entire section specifically dedicated to it, and covers everything from tips on how to explain your fetish to your partner to suggestions for hot scenes. If you can only afford to read one of my resources, get this one. 

This book doesn’t have a section devoted specifically to feederism, but it does show the various ways people adjust to having “extreme” fetishes as part of their lives. 

  • Alison Tyler’s story “Feeder”, from Cleis Press’ erotic short story collection She’s On Top

This short tale doesn’t refer to any part of Internet feederist culture except the title. Instead, it focuses on the sensuality of cooking, eating, and sex as shared by a suburban couple.

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