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Maybe Days: On FetLife and Our Discontents—SIGNAL BOOST: ...and the rape (finally) hits the fan on FetLife
Maybe Days: On FetLife and Our Discontents—SIGNAL BOOST: ...and the rape (finally) hits the fan on FetLife


Everyone who uses, or who has ever considered using FetLife needs to read this. Now.

Once you have, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

  1. When you upload a photo to FetLife, there is absolutely no known or reliable way you can ever delete that photo from their content…

More from Maymay, who wrote the program that made Fetlife publicly visible on the Internet.

The Fetlife team has deleted Maymay’s Fetlife account and has stated:

"Within an hour of being notified of this tool we blocked it. We’ve also sent DMCA takedown requests to this persons hosting provider, Google, and Twitter."

Problem is, I don’t have enough tech know-how to know how effective this patch(?) actually is, and I think a lot of Fetlife users are in the same boat.

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    Everyone that is on fetlife need to read this. Seriously.
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    I have personally been harassed by several men on Fet, and have the messages to prove it. I’ve had to report a couple...
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