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Free FetLife Proxy lets you browse FetLife without needing to log in
Free FetLife Proxy lets you browse FetLife without needing to log in


Every single page on now has a publicly visible mirror. A simple URL substitution pattern can be used to make an arbitrary FetLife page visible to everyone.

So, for example, to see the events page, ordinarily at:

Simply point your browser to:

This works on any arbitrary content within FetLife, as well. For instance, to view the group post at:

Simply point your browser to:

See the pattern?

If you’re savvy, you can download the code and run a copy of this proxy on your own website, too.


See also:


Maymay’s been talking about the security problems with Fetlife for quite some time without it causing the stir it needed to, but I’m far from pleased he did this. 

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    That is the most unfucking ignorant crap I’ve heard in a while. In the US, the DMCA was created just for that reason...
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    I am so done with that site.
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    It’s not about the burden of creating an account, but an effort to show, once and for all, that Fetlife has been...
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    More context.
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    A. Maymay isn’t violating any copyright because he isn’t claiming to be the author of any stuff other people have...
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    Please read. Thank you, Amy, for adding to this conversation. As per your good (and arguable) point, here are links...
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    To anyone saying “But Maymay! Why would you do this and publicly out all the kinksters on fetlife! That’s horrible!” -...
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    Yea… So none of this bullshit is okay. If I have any fellow fetlifers following me and you’ve got stuff on your profile...
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    Why don’t you just spend 30 seconds to make an account? It’s not like it costs anything.