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They force me to eat every day, I’d love to just purge again. In all honesty I’m happy with my eating disorder and I’m happy liking “fat” guys. So what if I want to be thin and hold hands with a larger guy.

I wish there were more like you in the world. ^^

… I don’t even know where to begin with this. o.O

#the fuck #eating disorders are serious shit you twit

That’s a good starting place. Along with “what the hell” and “creeps like you are what give feedism a bad name.”

Uhm, actually, I’ve helped several friends and exes overcome their EDs.
The exes became so out of a mutual, not food related, lack of feelings for each other, where we both decided to remain friends, though not bf/gf

I meant skinny girls who like fat guys, even though they are skinny.
And yes, I know what I said in another post.
The ED thing is…complicated. I do not LIKE EDs. I tend to like people with them.
Maybe because I like helping people overcome shit, like cutting or starving themselves, as the case is with my most recent mate.

But, no, I’m sure I’m a horrible monster who is going to ruin everything.
But judgmental people who don’t even try to get to know someone or what they meant?
THAT is why I was hesitant to join anything.
So thanks.
I’ll just go back to being suicidally depressed, cause the one group I THOUGHT might understand, only sees what they wanna see, and dun talk to me at all about what I meant, thought, or think.

And if a girl wants to be skinny, ED or not, she should be allowed to be.
Like with someone wanting to be fat, the issue is the health of a person, not the size.

Fuck, This whole fucking thing was a mistake.

I never should have lived past Christmas, if this is how life’s gunna keep going.

Look, uncertainfeedist, no one wants you to kill yourself.

But you do realize that by writing “I wish there were more like you in the world” under a post written by a girl who wants to go back to purging, you give the impression of wishing there were more girls in the world with EDs? 

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