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But I had questions. We stood in the kitchen. The cupcakes on the kitchen table. We leaned against the counter top drinking beer while I prodded for answers. I wanted to understand the fetish. “Do I need to pretend like eating the cupcake is getting me off? Does it need to be sexual that way? What’s the allure? Help me understand.”

And he explained. That there doesn’t need to be play acting. Just to eat is enough. That it plays into the 7 deadly sins. Gluttony combined with lust. That eating to excess is taboo. That it’s hot to watch a fat chick get fatter. He said there’s a certain submissive element in it. That I’m doing it to please him. Gorging myself for his benefit. He told me that he’d be happy either simply watching me eat or if I was rolling around naked in the cupcakes. Covering my body in frosting and crumbs.

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