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Feederism Fantasies

Even though this blog is called “Stuffies”, I’m usually hesitant to tell people what I really want. This is because I’m afraid that my fetish is boring.

One of the things that makes feederism unique is that sometimes there’s no cock and pussy involved at all. It’s just the appreciation of flesh, swallowing, and distension. Feederism sex will thus never be as exciting as, say, getting pounded into the mattress at an orgy is exciting—at least not to the great majority of people. 

Because of this, many of my deepest held fantasies are so simple they could easily be accomplished in real life, but they’re also so simple I’m afraid no one is excited by them but me. The chasm between what turns me on and what turns someone else on seems too great to even bring it up. So I seem to have a gift for self-sabotage.

Without further ado, here are my twelve most-wanted feederism fantasies. I’ve deliberately kept the list to the simpler stuff so that anyone, even non-feedees, can do them. Any one of these things will make me blush if you mention them in public. If you do them in private, odds are good that I’ll instantly get wet.

1. Telling me how much you weigh. It doesn’t even have to be an impressive number—I’m *always* sizing people up, so having my guesses confirmed/disproved is a huge turn on for me.

2. Asking me if you should eat something, or eating something just because I tell you to.

3. Eating from my hand. Hand feeding is somewhere in my top 5 fantasies.

4. Watching you drink something all in one go.

5. Telling me what you’ve been eating, especially if the amount is impressive. 

6. If you’re a boy, getting you to take off your shirt and eat cupcakes. I don’t know why it has to be cupcakes. Or a boy, really.

7. Lying on top of you, or sitting in your lap, and having you push your stomach out so I can feel it.

8. “Before” and “after”s—has your body changed a great deal in the past few years? Are you now bigger or smaller? Tell me about it. 

9. Measurements. I get off on the idea of measuring your waist before you eat something, then measuring it again to find it bigger after you’ve eaten something. 

10. Laying my hand against your throat as you drink so I can feel the pulses.

11. Squeezing, stroking, or rubbing your belly (spooning is the absolute best position for this, or hugging you from behind.) 

12. Being in bed with you if you’ve been eating too much—even if you’re slightly uncomfortable. Even if we didn’t have sex, I’d get excited just from watching and soothing you. See Exhibit A

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