"Dear Sugar"'s latest letter writer is a girl who is discovering she's a fat admirer/feederist

She signs herself as “Worse Than A Furry”.

I’m not yet sure what to think of Sugar’s advice:

"Because being a Female Fat Admirer is not common among your peers, I feel a little afraid for you in the same way I’d feel afraid for a gay or lesbian teen living in a hostile environment. You’d benefit from support that extends beyond this letter—an adult who will listen and offer guidance as you articulate and grapple with the complexities of your sexuality. The best person would be a psychotherapist, who will provide you with unbiased information and unconditional positive regard. If your parents’ financial situation is such that you can see a therapist and if you live in a community in which a therapist with whom you feel comfortable is available, I implore you to make an appointment soon. If either or both of those things are not the case, please write to me and I will do my best to find a therapist for you—one who can see you in person for no charge if money is the issue or consult with you over the phone if access is a challenge."

I dunno if I’d be better or worse than I am now if I’d been able to participate in some self-discovery therapy about my sexuality, but damn. People who like fat people are in the same risk category as someone who’s gay or lesbian?

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    I do agree with you there. It wasn’t the best one she could have picked. *shrug*
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    Yeah, I recently read the whole article. But, I don’t like the paragraph this person chose when uploading this to...
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    No no not really. You have to read the whole article. Besides, I’ve heard that a lot of therapists will try and change...
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    What exactly is “further than is healthy”? Liking fat people? Liking fat people, but only as objects? A little later on...
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