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Besides this blog, I have been involved in several other projects around the web: 


Recorded a story about feederism for Kevin Allison’s RISK! podcast. (Air date TBA.)

Published “Tumblr Can’t Save Us From The ‘Pornpocalypse’” at The Frisky.


SexIs Magazine: I was interviewed by The Beautiful Kind for their Appetites Project. The interview was posted in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. TBK later posted an uncut version of the interview on her blog. 

KinkOnTap: I was a guest on the episode "A Rainbow of Porn", where I talked about feederism.

Kink For All DC 2: I was one of the two main unorganizers for DC’s second KinkForAll event. I gave a talk on the “theory, practice, ethics, and follies of kissing when you’ve got oral herpes.” (Thanks for the great summary, Figleaf!)

KinkForAll DC 1: In 2009 I attended DC’s first KinkForAll and gave a talk about feederism (not available online). The source notes became my most popular blog post, Feederism 101


Mostly Straight: I founded “a tumblr for straight & bisexual women” after being inspired by Male Submission Art, Filament Mag, Erotica Cover Watch, and other projects striving to normalize the “female gaze”. Mostly Straight is now curated by Caliban Stockton.

Fleshbot: My story “Ice Cream” was featured as part of their May Sex Blog Roundup