mpreg sounds like a file extension 

Other ladies into bellies




should probably talk to me pweaseee :p



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The Gripping Saga

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Jumping to conclusions, one ask at a time.

and that children is why you don’t assume. ever.

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i know i’ve said this before but goddammit a hairless vulva on a grown person doesn’t make it look like child’s. sure it’s really irritating when people act like all vulvas shouldn’t have hair when it should be a personal decision but let’s not act like puberty doesn’t change the area as a whole, hair or no hair

Shit I will never understand:

How you can look at a hairless crotch and think “that looks like a kid’s crotch”. Like, did you miss the part where they have other secondary sexual characteristics/are old enough to vote/have a job? ARE YOU LITERALLY NOT LOOKING AT ANY OTHER PART OF THE PERSON?

All the times I have heard that models are skinny because fashion designers are all gay men and somehow “skinny” = male. AGAIN, THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU IGNORE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THE PERSON.

The part in Brokeback Mountain where they gay guy could somehow get it up for his wife by turning her over and just focusing on her butt.