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Just started skimming a post that started “Porn is NOT fantasy!” and I had a moment of “Whoa, whoa, are you fucking saying my Wincest fanfic is real?? Because I really want to see you defend that point—” and then I got to the second sentence and it was actually a post about human sex trafficking. 

This happens to me every time

And like, I can see why the people that write these posts don’t start them with a lecture on the history of human wank material, because that would probably distract from their point about how sex trafficking ruins human lives*. But it’s always going to be weird to me when people define porn solely as an industry built on video of live people and leave out huge things like, say, fanfic. Because I feel like that might be a good example to bring up when you want to talk about ways that people can change their porn consumption habits in ways that are less likely to hurt other people?

*I don’t actually have a well-formed opinion on whether or not most porn = sex trafficking, so if you want to argue I will simply go O.O; 


This piece is just so good.

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    i’m creating a new word called “kittycrush” a kittycrush is when you like someone so much all you want to do with them is make strange noises and cuddle and spend half your life sleeping on their favorite possessions


    *crawls out from inside a trash can*

    "Chubby tummies."

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