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Between me and liara-shadowsong, we have (almost) all the transcripts for the Fat!Avengers chats.

Does anyone want them? I’m thinking of uploading them to Google Docs or something and allowing “Lardy Ladies only” access. Else they’ll just languish on my hard drive. :P

I want to be a tome-keeper! Save one of those bad boys for me. :D


Anyone else who wants access: send me your email address via fan mail!


so yesterday I was talking to one of my friends about sebastian stan and I said something like “my kingdom for a role where he doesn’t have to have abs” and this friend doesn’t usually feel me on the chub thing so I was really surprised when she was like “YOOOOOO” and we (mostly me tbh) threw around a couple scenarios like chubby dork sebastian stan! or chubby dork-turned-superhero sebastian stan! or chubby rom-com lead sebastian stan! and it just got me thinking like

why aren’t there more cute chubby leads? I mean I know it’s social constructs of beauty and all but like … there are almost never cute chubby leads under, idk, 40? like give me a cute twentysomething actor with some chub on him and stick him in a lead role and make him a real character, not just a cliché chunky guy. and same for ladies - after three seasons I don’t care much for lena dunham’s girls anymore but the one thing that I consistently appreciate about the show is that every woman on that show looks like someone I’d see on the street. some have belly rolls and double chins and thigh bulges and some have skinny legs and ribs showing but they represent many points on the spectrum. her representation of dudes isn’t quite as diverse size-wise, but whatever we can get, I guess. 

and something else - to have a chubby character without his/her/their entire storyline centering on his/her/their size. lena dunham’s not quite so good at this - there are a lot of cracks about hannah’s weight. if these remarks were predominantly positive, that would be a start (rom-coms are so big on talking about the dude’s muscles and stuff??? like I would be so about a movie where the only references to the lead’s weight were positive remarks???). like, instead of “damn, you’re so sculpted, your abs are so hot,” let’s see “wow, your belly’s so cute! you’re so soft, I love it.” you know? abs are not universally appealing. and neither is chub, sure, but you gotta give the non-abs people something to chew on, too. 

tl;dr I wanna see sebastian stan with some chub on him and more chubby leads altogether ok



yall ever just see a dude and he’s hella thick and you know he soft as fuck and loves cuddling but could probably throw you against a wall too doe?


I’m debating.




Whether to just go ahead and cum now before I go to sleep or to hold off and hope I have a sexy dream tonight due to pent up desire.

If you sleep on your tummy you’re more likely to have a sexy dream. Also nightmares, but I think it’s worth the risk.

Very good to know. Maybe also I’ll kinda position my vibe just between my legs to get that in there too tonight.

Chris Pratt Wants to Weigh 300 Pounds by November
Chris Pratt Wants to Weigh 300 Pounds by November

I’m just gonna leave this here what the heckie