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Hi, I’m Molly Ren. I’m a fat, agender person who is still trying to make up my mind about which pronoun I want to use.

Though I’m still reblogging links about feederism, gender, and hippos, this blog is now in semi-retirement. I started Stuffies in 2007 just to boast about all the sex I was having, and after taking part in many orgies, munches, and sex-oriented projects, stopped blogging about my kink life in early 2012. My newest writing can now be found on The Frisky, where I write personal essays about ghosts and tips for having a rare fetish.

Some people call me an “expert” on the feederism fetish, but this is usually because  I’m the only feederist they know. “Pornographer” is probably better, but nevertheless I’ve compiled a short list of books, articles, and websites that have helped me understand my fetish better. If you have more/better resources to add, please message me!

You can contact me directly by email at missmollyren (at) gmail (dot) com or on these profiles:  

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