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We all know that feeling, vending machine

#i am also full of snacks and darkness



We all know that feeling, vending machine


why do people make shit arguments against queer representation by saying things like “the percentage of lgbt people in the population isn’t that high” well neither is the percentage of vampires but we see plenty of them in our media dont we

Fucking A, Diplo, what kind of stripper clubs do you GO to?

Fucking A, Diplo, what kind of stripper clubs do you GO to?

Rainyhart’s Chubby!Dean Master-Post


 A spontaneous plethora of chubby!dean information compiled with all the info I know regarding the subject

Recommended Places

 Recommended Bloggers

danieldreibergs, deancasheadcanons, fawniefei, stevita

 Recommended Fics

  • Rainyhart’s list [here]

  Library of Fics

Surprise! - Dean gets a rather interesting surprise for his birthday

Sugar - Castiel shares a sweet dilemma with Dean

Never too much Pie - Dean goes a little overboard on some pie while dining with Castiel

Vents of Consequence - Dean gets stuck in a rather embarrassing predicament on a hunt with Sam – literally

Pudgy Playmate (AU) – Young Dean struggles to bring a tasty treat over to best friend Castiel’s house for their play-date

Weighty Misunderstandings - Dean takes a suggestive comment about his eating habits from Sam the wrong way and far too close to heart than originally intended – confessions ensue

You and Me plus Pie makes Three – Castiel shows Dean just how much he loves him and his love for pie

Candy Hoarder - Dean doesn’t want to share Halloween candy, Castiel’s sexually frustrated, and Sam kind of hates them both

Love me some Turducken – Dean becomes increasingly hungrier after the turducken incident—Sam’s not objecting to the changes

Pudding of Regret - Dean thinks he should cut back on the caramel pudding, Castiel thinks otherwise

Cover me - Dean doesn’t like his body to be seen when he’s having sex with Castiel

Pie is Pie – Castiel accidentally burns a pie made specifically for Dean but he eats it anyway

Fair Fun - Dean goes for the food, Castiel goes for the games – it works out


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stevita, this is for you

Everything is wrapped in bacon. EVERYTHING.